How to fix the application was unable to start (0xc00007b) error in windows

How to fix the application was unable to start (0xc00007b) error in windows

it is sometimes possible that this error might start showing in your computer and there is no one cause which is responsible For the error but there are several factors which are responsible for the rise of this issue. It is generally a kind of pop-up error which is majorly caused Barbie finding of difference between the working of 64-bit application on 32-bit system Or even it’s the opposite party that when you are planning to Process your 32-bit application on the platform of a 64-bit system. Follow these simple methods listed in this article to get rid of such kind of error which arises due to several reasons.

What is error ‘0xc00007b’-application unable to start in windows?

If you run the window system then you will find out that it is very easy and simple to operate many functions and features in the system. But when it comes to the time of running major and minor applications on an incompatible platform, then the windows will show the slowdown process or some kind of errors on its window. There are several types of errors Windows is showing When you run so many different kinds of application. But this error is majorly supported by the users while running an incompatible application on the system.

Many users of the gamer community have complained that while playing their favourite games like far cry and call of duty, they face this Error Frequently well running the application. This error simply means that it is not in the favour of the system to run this application smoothly and soundly. The computer is unable to run this application because of the incompatibility between the application and the specifications of the system. You might be suffering from a kind of irritation when you are not able to play your favourite game on your PC, to solve this error follow a different kind of methods listed below.

Method 1: Reinstall the Application you are trying to run

Many users from the gaming community play certain kinds of games on the play station as well as on the personal computer. Some user finds problem and error related to the game and some do not find problems or any kind of inconvenience while playing the game. But most of the user who has complained regarding the interruption in the game is similar. This problem is of error 0XC00007B of not running the application properly in the system. To get a deal with it, you need to try this first method which is very much helpful.

It happens much time that the installation of the application might misplace Sim data and files related to the game in different parts of the computer. To make it and arrange it in the right order, you need to reinstall the application. It is seen that reinstalling the application removes all kind of errors and problems Experienced while playing the game. Reinstalling or updating it will fix all kind of bugs issues and provide you with all new updated and secured safe game which runs smoothly on your system without any kind of interruption. So just remove your game first and then reinstall it on the system to get rid of the error 0XC00007B.

Method 2: Install or repair the Latest Version of the .NET Framework

This is another simple method or solution by which you can solve the issues related to application error arises in their computer frequently. The outdated and older version is also responsible for the showing of the error. As the program, is designed to operate manually and hence it is not possible that your computer will automatically detect the outdated version and then install it and update it to its latest version. So in this case you are the one who will update it manually.

Step 1. To update there, you need to 1st go to start menu Where you will find the settings of the control panel in which you will find the option of programs and features.

Step 2. This page you will find the option To turn on and off Windows features Where a pop-up window will also open in which Find the option to update and install the latest version

Step 3. After applying and clicking on the okay button in this process, he will need to reboot the system because it takes the restart process to install the file correctly. After rebooting the system you will be able to play the applications uninterruptedly.

Method 3: Update DLL

It is seen that the outdated and older version of any kind of software in the system becomes the cause of the obstacle in the smooth and sound process and performance of many system tools. It is the key factor of the computer that if you’re facing any kind of problem-related to an application error or System software, then the first method which you need to try and apply it to update and install the outdated version of the related software. To update ‘xinput1_3.dll’ file which sometimes gets corrupted in the system, you need to follow the simple steps listed below.

Step 1. There is no automatic option to do it hence you need to download the ’32 bit xinput1_3.dll’ from the internet in a compressed version.

Step 2. After downloading, you need to copy or replace the extracted files in the C:\windows\sysWow64 to get a smooth and sound result from the software.

Step 3. If you are facing any kind of difficulty in performing the task, then you can repeat the process to get it right. After completing the process successfully, you will be able to experience the smooth running of the application.

Method 4: Update DirectX

The above-mentioned methods are not working for you properly and you still facing the same problem, then you need to perform the last method which can help you to avoid the error while running the application in the system. You can just update the DirectX tool In the system. To shift towards the latest version of the DirectX, You need to go on the official website of Microsoft where you will find the option of ‘Runtime web installer’.  In this option, you will be able to download the Rana setup which you will have to install in your computer. After completing the process just restart your computer to see the results.


After performing and completing all the methods in a step-by-step process, you will be able to remove the error successfully. If anything is prompting you from performing the methods, you can just restart your computer and then repeat the methods step-by-step. All the methods are effective and will work on your system properly to remove the error of application Not running properly in the system.


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