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The online world has become so popular in recent times. By performing a few easy steps, you can place an order for your required item or service and the same gets delivered to you within the next few business days. To make the customers experience better than before, these websites continue to add new features to their existing ones. One such feature is, “Buy now pay later”, which lets you enjoy the product or service without paying for it instantly. In this article, we’ll be focusing on 10 such sites that offer people the facility of “buy now pay later”.

10 Amazing sites “Buy Now Pay Later” with No credit check

1. ZestMoney


By using ZestMoney, you can make easy purchases online as well as offline across India for which you have to pay at a later date in the form of EMI. ZestMoney is in partnership with more than 3000 reputed brands. You’ll get a complete list of all the partners on its official website. The loan taking process is quite simple over here, they’ll just ask about your basic details like your employment status so that they can manage to get income proof at your side. Zest credit can’t be used at any other place except for its partner merchants, which means you can’t make use of it as cash for other purposes. And when it comes to interest rate, it varies depending on what product you are purchasing and from which merchant you are purchasing.

2. Amazon


Amazon is one of the leading online shopping hubs both nationally as well as internationally. You get access to every necessary thing on Amazon. Although Amazon has made many payment options available for its customers but the most interesting payment option that Amazon provides is, ” buy now pay later”. To enjoy this feature, you need to first register at Amazon pay so that it gets activated. And don’t panic, the registration process is extremely easy with just a few steps. At the end of the registration process, Amazon will provide you with the credit limit (10k INR/month) and now you can go further making your purchases.

3. LazyPay


LazyPay is believed to be India’s best platform that offers you an option to pay later and is applicable across more than 250 online service providing platforms. Some of these platforms are Swiggy, Myntra, BookMyShow, MakeMyTrip, etc. For example – if you are short of money, you can use LazyPay to make your payments and you need to repay these payments within 15 days. If you are unable to repay this amount due to whatever reason, you’ll be charged some interest on the same amount. Apart from these short-term loans, it also provides you with long-term loans, which you need to pay back in instalments including the interest amount. 

 4. Simpl


If you don’t want to pay again and again, Simpl is another option which you can go for. You can make online purchases as per your requirement and pay the bills twice a month. The month gets divided into equal instalments, from 1st to 15th and from 16th to the end of the month. Various merchants accept payments through Simpl. For example – BigBasket, Zomato, Quick Ride, etc. The registration process of Simpl requires minimal documentation plus it provides its customers with complete security. Like other sites, you need to face some consequences in case you are unable to repay at the specified time.

5. Paytm Postpaid

Paytm Postpaid

The best update about Paytm Postpaid was that initially, it was accessible to only ICICI account holders but currently any bank holder can have access to it feasibly. The lowest and highest credit limit it provides to its users is 20,000 and 1,00,000 respectively. The only limitation that Paytm Postpaid holds is that the credit amount can be used for carrying out financial transactions on Paytm Mall only. The loan amount will automatically deduct from your mentioned bank account but in case you want to clear the dues before time, you can do it either by using Paytm wallet or net-banking.

6. Flipkart


Flipkart has many exciting things to offer you people from gadgets to home appliances to fashion. And you can pay for all these products by just one-tap using “buy now pay later”.

To avail Flipkart’s “buy now pay later” scheme, you will be asked to perform just two easy steps.

You need to enter the details of your PAN card and Aadhar card. Having done that, you’ll get an OTP for further verification. Enter that OTP in the desired place and you are good to go. Amount of 5,000 INR will be credited to your Flipkart account and you’ll be charged no interest up to 35 days. Flipkart credit can be used on Myntra also.

7. Slice


Slice is an Indian website which is dedicated to the young blood who want to accomplish their dreams. The best part about using Slice is that it grants a longer period for the repayment of the loan as compared to the other sites. Not only this but it also enables the repayment at zero-cost interest EMI which help you manage your monthly expenses. The app is available on both Google Playstore as well as Apple store. On using Slice, you will not be asked to pay any extra amount in the form of the registration fee or hidden charges.

8. ePayLater


The youth of today is the future of tomorrow and to help the youth to follow their dreams, ePayLater provides short-term easy credits to them. The credit can be used by you to meet your requirements for 14 days without being worried about the interest. After 14 days, you’ll have to repay this amount and every time you make repayments on time, you’ll get benefited with various discount vouchers for the future use. The payment transactions through ePayLater will t take just 10 seconds to complete and can be used on online platforms like Amazon, Travelyaari, IRCTC, etc.

9. KrazyBee


KrazyBee serves as a platform for college students to purchase the desired products on easy monthly instalments. The minimum age requirement for a student to use KrazyBee is 18 and that student must be from the colleges mentioned in its list. Now, the registration process will need some of your additional details as proof so you need to provide your KYC. In case you received a wrong product by purchasing through KrazyBee, the return request will be taken into consideration within 48 hours of placing it in the partner’s website.

10. True PayLater

True PayLater

True PayLater has been exclusively introduced by True Balance. Using PayLater, you can pay for your recharges and bills. True PayLater grants you credit based on your usage. To enjoy this credit, you need to fulfil all the legal conditions as well as its internal policies. On utilising the credit amount fully, you’ll need to repay the amount on 5th or after the 5th day of utilising the amount and with every repayment, your account will be credited with exciting cashback offers, providing 100% privacy to its users.


With the aid of the above – mentioned websites, you need not worry about going out of budget while buying your desired products. We get easy access to shopping from anywhere with a few easy steps. Just get yourself registered with the website of your choice and enjoy worry-less shopping.


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