Best offline iPhone (IOS) Games without Internet

Best offline iPhone (IOS) Games without Internet

If you have a very limited data plan in your phone and you want to explore those games for IOS device which run without the availability of internet connection, then we have a wide range of best options for you. You can play these games very easily and effortlessly without the availability of data connection on your phone. No worries to feel bored if you haven’t any internet connection. Your device is very well powerful in running high graphics games offline too. Check out the list mentioned below of the best offline iPhone (IOS) games to run without internet to enjoy your free time.

1. Alto’s Adventure

Alto's Adventure

This is a skiing game where you will get the beautiful slides of snow to get your jump higher and collect as much as points you can to score better. This adventures game an infinite running game which will help you to ski more and more. There are so many beautiful trees and pretty scenario to boost your mood in playing the game. There are also touch controls given on the screen to adjust the game of your player. You can make him jump and ski faster on the slides. The better you perform in the game, the better you will score.

2. Monument Valley

Monument Valley

The story of the game revolves around a little girl who found just lying on the unending branches of stairs. There are many zigzags in the game. Your mind will get confused when you play this game. The little girl in the game is named as RO, and you have to clear all those colourful buildings and zigzag puzzles which come across your way. This game becomes more thrilling by its mysterious tracks and mind-blowing graphics. Even after having such a cool user interface, this game will run very smoothly and effortlessly in your IOS device without any internet connection.

3. Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2

This game is the next part of the monument valley 1. As like the first part, you are not playing as RO. Now you are playing as RO’s daughter. The puzzle-solving level is raised in this game. Now you have a wider and bigger screen to play the game. All the beautiful slots of the colourful building have been improved. This game is termed or considered as one of the best game for the IOS devices which supports high graphics and clear user interface. You will never need an internet connection after downloading this game. You can enjoy this game as long as you want.

4. Badland


This game starts in a jungle theme where you play as a black ball who doesn’t want to die. You will get so many challenging hurdles in the way. You will need to protect the black ball from those dangers obstacles which can kill the ball. These dangerous traps include sharp edges, breaking stones, mini blasts, heavy objects to crush, and many more. You will give touch controls to afloat the black ball. As long as you are conscious, you can protect the black ball from those harmful hurdles. The time when you lose sight, your ball will be dead.

5. Drop7


If you love the game sudoku Tetris game then you will be this game also. This game is a perfect combination of these two games. You will get the essence of these two games in the Drop7 game. This game comes with very simple rules which you need to follow while playing the game. The game will provide you with a screen of 7*7 grid in which there will be several balls of either all white or some numbers are written on them. If the same numbered ball is in a line or a column, then it will get clear.

6. Mini Metro

Mini Metro

There are a lot of puzzle games available online, but this puzzle game is quite a different one. This game will provide you with a beautiful user interface which you will love to play. You will be also able to build your mass transit system in the game by using the features of the game. You will have the rights to use the maps of the actual city in the world and then you will be able to connect all the station through your links accordingly. Just keep it in mind that you don’t have as much as lines and trains to set up on all the stations. So you need to be a little wise while placing them.

7. Civilization 6

Civilization 6

This game is all about the strategy game where you use your mind and actions to clear the stages of the game. This game is quite complicated to play on each level. With each level up, you need to upgrade or improve your strategy too. You are a leader of your people in the game who tries to rule over the world by his great strategies. The game will have all the ancient monuments and sculptures which you will love to watch in the game. Also, the game comes in high graphics which supports the best in the class user interface to enjoy the game.

8. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

Another interesting game which runs without the internet connection. This game is also having the best user interface which will boost your mood to play the game. In this game, you will get to run your farm in the small village. This game is just an 8-bit game which has its essence fully to it’s name. As this game is a long subway ride, you will love to spend your time playing this lovely game which run without the connectivity of the internet. You might be suffering from the city heights and thus this game is a perfect stop to grow timely pumpkins in your farm.

9. New York times crossword

New York times crossword

This crossword is a new challenge for that player who loves to play daily puzzles. You will get the latest puzzle every new day which you have to complete in time. No matter how clever you are, you will get stuck in some puzzles. There are also additional features with this app that you can subscribe to the New York digital subscription to play the crosswords of the New York Times crossword. You can also buy special packs of the crossword in the app if you want to play more exciting and amazing puzzles to enjoy more and more in the game.

10. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

This is an award-winning game which is available to play without the connection of data or the internet on your phone. It is so amazing that such a great game is so easily available in your pocket to play anytime. In this game, you and your friends will be allowed to ride in a train which links up the country. The graphics of the game are so amazing that you will love to play the game whenever you want to play. This game will take hardly take 15-20 minutes to complete a level and you can also opt for another option of pass and play.


These were almost the best games available online to play on IOS devices without the connectivity of the internet on your phone. You can choose the best out of it depending on your taste and preferences. So don’t wait more and start playing these amazing games right now to kill your boredom and boost your mood Just in few minutes.


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