How to get iPhone tethering app without jailbreaking

How to get iPhone tethering app without jailbreaking

if you’re using an iOS device then you might want to connect your laptop with the mobile phone and want to give a personal data connection to the laptop with the proper high-speed and strong connectivity. For this, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone to transfer the data. But now we are having some best methods and ways which you can simply follow to get the Tethering App in the phone itself to get the connections. This will be a permanent solution for your problems of internet connectivity.

What is Jailbreak?

What is Jailbreak?

There is a lot of restriction and regulations on the software of the iOS system which is regulated by the Apple company To make regulatory and healthy environment between the system and user interface. These privacy policies will be skipped if you take your iPhone on the jailbreak mode. All the devices of the Apple can be accessed through this jailbreak mode which can be performed by a series of kernel patches.

5 best methods how to get iPhone tethering app without jailbreak.

Method 1: Use this Tether me the website

Use this Tether me the website

This is the best and convenient method which can be used to enable the tethering Process from your iOS device to the laptops or Windows systems. It would allow you to transfer the data through the personal hotspot in a very simple way if you go on this website you will understand the whole procedure what it takes to enable the personal hotspot without jailbreaking through iOS devices. It is a permanent solution which can be done outside the healthy environment of iPhone policies which do not allow us to regulate the restricted software is and platforms.

Although iPhone doesn’t allow such kind of apps on the App Store because it will be against their privacy and restricted policies, but you can visit this website so that you can get all the benefits what you are waiting for. It would not cause any harmful effect to your any of the iOS device you can sincerely enjoy the transfer of data connection in personal hotspot through the iOS device in a very simple and safe way for the time.

Method 2: iTether for iOS

iTether for iOS

This is another best method which Which can be used to bypass the personal hotspot of the iOS device because it is running on the HTML5 Solution Which would require no jailbreak or any kind of permission from the App Store. It is solely modified to increase the capacity of the personal hotspot on the iOS devices and which is very required by the consumers because of external and excessive use of the data connection. But in the case of the App Store and its privacy or regulation policies, it was very hard and tough to do this tethering with the ordinary iOS devices with simple App Store services.

But the scenario has been changed now And many types of platforms or website or methods have been introduced to bypass this problem. Adopting these methods but permanently solve the issue and it would help many people in a very optimum way. You can use it easily by just visiting the website which you don’t have to do a jailbreak or even you don’t need to install the app. You just have to follow the process step-by-step and then you will be able to run the file.

Method 3: PDANET for iOS


This is another very best back from which can be used to customise and modify the internet connection from an iOS device to a laptop. It is the best application available in the market which can help you to convert your iOS device into a personal hotspot tethering device which will supply an appropriate amount of data speed and strong internet connectivity to the laptop. You can access the application through both the wireless and USB modes and the result of both the methods is equal in terms of the speed and connectivity.

It has reserved some secure rights over some websites but you can also enjoy the trial basis period of it which will give you in the speed of 35 Mbps appropriately for The surfing and other internet uses. You can also enjoy all the possibilities and features of this application by going on the websites through the different accounts of your Devices and then you will be able to enhance and increase the feature of this application very smoothly. It will give you the maximum connectivity and strong data speed which will be provided by the ordinary and wireless Internet devices.

Method 4: TP link Tether

TP link Tether

Please cross-platform is very useful for that person who is using both kinds of phone whether it is iOS or an android phone. You can easily complete your task and work through this platform as it is very easy and simple to use. Apart from this, it provides so many basic features which will be understood by you easily. If you want to bypass and increase the hotspot capabilities of your devices, then this application or platform is the most appropriate for you.

First, you have to visit this website to understand all the process and technicalities of this application. This system will help you to physically extend your hotspot connectivity to the other devices in such a way that it would combine with the XDSL and increase your hotspot capabilities. It will also show the number of devices connected To your server and equity help you to get the basic details of the programming and running of your hotspot server. Sometimes it is very hard to place the device in such a position so that it can receive the best connectivity and strong internet speed but this platform will solve this issue for you by suggesting the best options.

Method 5: Use TetherNoJailbreak

Use TetherNoJailbreak

There is some kind of stock limitations are apply on the inbuilt iPhone tethering Services which can be removed by using this platform. It is a very unique kind of app which would allow You to bypass all kind of stock limitations on your iPhone. There are many carriers which limit the data speed and connectivity after a premium plan which we need to purchase. Many users are not able to get the usual connectivity and speed after the premium plan ends even if they have paid for it.

This is at this point where this no jailbreak platform comes in action. It removes all the stock limitations and obstacles which are There to limit your internet speed and data connection. Goodbye passes all the limitations and functionalities which are causing a downfall in your iPhone as well as in the hotspot. This is the best method which you can apply among all because it is very simple and easy to use. You don’t have to perform any serious task in it. You just need to follow the instructions mentioned in this article which will be helpful for you to get me directions.


All the platforms and applications can be applied safely to your iOS device and it will not cause any harm to the restrictions and privacy policies of Apple. So you can perform and regulate your tasks independently to get your work done immediately. It would be very helpful in converting your iOS devices into tethering devices.


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