The Complete Latest List of Android Versions

Complete List of Android Versions

We all know what Android is as we have been using it on our mobile phones. It is a technology that changed the way we use our smartphones.

Let us get started with a rollercoaster journey and get to know the android versions in detail. Within each one of them offered us with different and new features, it has been a huge advancement. We got to learn a lot and the internet that used to be operated in the cyber cafes only came to us on the palms. 

Had it been 15 years back no one would have thought of mobile phones being so easily supporting and becoming a small computer? I remember my father had a huge cordless size mobile phone that was only used to call him in case of emergency. There were pagers, and people who had mobiles were thought to be of high-class families. 

Google not only changed the way we operate phones but also made our life smarter and easier. 

Android is supposed to be the one that covered the gap between the mobile phone and a smartphone.  There have been a lot of versions, and the mobile users have used them all. With the latest evolutions available every day, it is one of the most important things globally.

Let us now continue with our journey to the world of androids. 


Let us get going then.

There have been many talks about the names that were chosen to give the androids after the 1.5 came into existence. But there has been no proper explanation about why only desserts. Though I think yes, it looks good to say that I use android lollipop rather than saying, oh my Android is butter chicken or pepperoni pizza.

Jokes apart, let us get back on track and get on with our journey without any delays.

Android Cupcake

This was not the first Android launched, but it marked the beginning of the names of the versions on desserts. The names made the users feel excited about them. This Android made people use the third-party keyboard. Also, it made it possible for entertainment lovers to download videos directly from youtube.

Android Donut

Another delicious name in the category is the doughnut android. This was the 1.6 version. It had a better user interface and many additional features that included voice search and a well-organized speech search relationship.

Android Éclair

There might be any of you out there who would not have tasted the long éclair pastries that came loaded with chocolate. The android 2.0 came with a bang on approach and got connected with the audience to the core. This Android also brought the craze for clicking pictures. It gave the users a better camera with a zoom in and zoomed out feature. It also offers Bluetooth support to users. Though the Android did not look a lot more attractive, it was still loved for the traditional approach is offered to the users.

Android Froyo

Froyo is the name of a well-known dessert, and it makes me go hungry. The 2.2 version of Android offered a customizable home screen. It came up with a well maintained and streamlined process.

Android Gingerbread

One of the next lip-smacking and delicious dessert that has been the favorite of all foodies from childhood. This Android 2.3 version was fresh and energetic and had many colors to offer to the users. The Android offered the users with calls made through the internet, cameras on both sides, sensors, barometers, and many more.


Android 3.0 was launched in 2011, and it hit the right chords with the clients. The users were happy, and this was a revolution in the technology industry. It was also the android version that introduced the holographic version and symbols. Words like multitasking, widgets, and notifications came into existence only with the help of this Android.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

I know, and I very well understand that you might be drooling by now but what to do Google thought of giving us a mind-boggling time with mouth devouring names. With advanced functionality and a user interface that made the users enjoy using the internet on their smartphones, android Sandwich was loved by all. It was easy to use and did not lag at all. It offered several new features and made using the internet the best pass time.

Android Jelly Beans

Ohh yes!! This was the first Android I used, and it made me feel like a professional all set to flaunt my skills. This was the android 4.1 version but was considered as a predictable one. The interface was easy and lag-free. People got used to it, and there were jelly beans all over just like a wildfire.

Android Kitkat

Android kitkat was a huge hit the moment it was launched. It created a lot of buzz in the media, but good things do not last long as they say. Kitkat also was soon replaced by the better versions. According to different desserts, Google was so much into naming its androids that it collaborated with the nestling and purchased the rights to launch this android version with the particular name.

This was the Android that also introduced the round yellow faces that we call as emojis.

Android Lollipop

This was when we, as tech lovers, took a sigh of relief, and our curiosities were given a priority. With the compatibility option introduced, grooving to music because a lot easier. Connecting devices became easier, and buffering got a whole new speed. This Android also introduced the battery saver technology and saved you from carrying a drained out phone.

Android Marshmallow

I was in love with the logo specifically, and hence this was the best Android that made the users feel it comfortable to use. This 6.0 android was also known as android M. The features that came with this version were the app optimization, USB compatibility, finger sensors, and the device idle.

Android Nougat

Another lip-smacking name in the list of androids is the Android Nougat. It was introduced in the year 2016 and became the first one to be used on Google Nexus. The best thing about the Android was it offered split-screen and dozed off options. This was the Android that helped the users enjoy the inline specification.

Android Oreo

With its launch in the year 2017, this is still available on most of the smartphones we use today. The best of its kind, it gave the users a lot of features to enjoy. This Android helped the users enjoy the picture in picture feature. This means that while watching a video, if you get a call or an important notification, all you need to do is tap on it, and it will float and shrink to the corner of your home screen. You can continue watching the same once you have completed your work. Though Android is a bit partial about the Google smartphone users, it was still one of the users’ best ones.

Android Pie

In 2018 finally, there was an android that was launched and was called Pie. When it comes to security and design, it was one of the best androids that have been launched to date by Google. It gave the users the privilege to get the SD card formatting done. It offered the users an excellent security level in the internal storage.

Android 10.0

This is the latest advancement, that is, there is your phone. This version is there in all the new phones and is updated with every update on the existing devices. It offered a great user interface and made it easy for the clients to enjoy a great experience.

Android 11

It is the Android that is in progress. It got delayed as the pandemic hit the world and brought the countries on its knees. Though the preview of the same was done, it was not declared as the latest one available for all.


Google dominates the internet, and that is why people focus on the internet resources of Google. With Android, several applications and games are free to download. Android smartphones are available at rates that may be acceptable to your needs. Anybody else can afford to get an Android phone. On the other hand, Google’s play store is excellent, as it comes with a basic UI and is incredibly user friendly. In this post, we’ll mention all Android models, i.e., from A to Z. Google also calls each version of Android in alphabetic order.

This was a huge list of androids that we have had.

All of them were named as desserts and served us with excellent features. The world has revolutionized, and we can experience growth and development with the list of androids we mentioned above. It was only a mobile phone that was used to pick up calls. Still, with androids, it became a computer that came on our hands and helped us manage everything on our palms without any hassles.

We hope you liked our article and will let us know about it in the comments.


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