How To Protect USB Drive In Windows

How To Protect USB Drive In Windows

The use of computers can be perplexing when you work on multiple computer or PC systems.  You can manage to store your data in one drive, such as working files and programs, and make use of the working files accordingly. We are here looking at a guide on how to protect USB drives in windows for better and safe access to your data.

Best 5 Methods to protect USB drive in windows

Protection of the files and documents is equally important as the windows images. The USB flash drives are not provided with much protection or security at all as USB drives can be stolen and lost easily, and data can fall into the wrong hands.

 There are multiple ways that you can choose to secure your data on a USB drive, but here we are having a look at the top three that can come in handy for securing data files easily. The encryption of the data is really important for securing the digital files from breaching. Let us get started with a listing of methods to protect.

1. Bitlocker to protect the drive

If you are looking for the a straightforward method to protect a USB drive, then password protection can surely come in handy for you.  With password protection, you will make sure that data is secured thoroughly in the drive. In addition, when you will be adding new data on the drive, it will be protected as well with the password protect feature. For high-tech security, third-party encryption tools can surely come in handy, but for most Windows users, BitLocker can surely come in handy. Bitlocker is a windows ten tool, and it comes in handy for most types of drives along with removable USB drives and the best part about it is it is free of cost.

To protect the drive, insert a USB drive into your computer and select the turn Bitlocker on option. Tap on, use a password to unlock the drive, and enter your password twice for encryption. Select next for completing the process. For recovering data, you can select the recovery key. Tap on the encrypt entire driveoption, and the process would be completed surely.

2. Veracrypt for encryption of the drive

When willing to have high-tech security but don’t want to trust Microsoft’s in-built tool, veracrypt can become your ultimate choice surely. It is a similar software package from idrix. It is open-source and available for free to people. You can enjoy more and better features than BitLocker on vera crypt. It is fairly easy to use software for encryption of data. The primary features of veracrypt are complete encryption of storage devices, automatic and real-time encryption, plausible deniability, and hardware-accelerated encryption. 

In the search box, launch the veracrypt app and select after hitting return. Tap on create volume and select encrypt a non-system drive; click next. Choose for standard veracrypt volume and next. Tap on the select device and choose your USB drive in the list of devices; click OK and next. Choose for encrypting partition in place precisely; note to remember to make sure you are not tapping on other options as it will over hide your data.  To protect the empty drive, choose for creating an encrypted volume, and format it. Further, choose the hash algorithm you wish to access. The size of the volume have to be confirmed first before clicking on next. Tap and confirm your password. Pick for the different sizes of files that you want to protect and click next for completing the process. Give confirmation to format command and wait till the process completes. Complete the process with a formatted drive in veracrypt.

3. Get a secure USB drive.

It would be a great choice to choose for purchase of a USB drive with hardware based security. You can make a choice among the different options available in the market. Physical keys are also available on some USB drives for better protection. The perk of choosing a secure USB drive is you can include military grade encryption easily. The only downfall of choosing these secure USB drives is its cost, which is higher as compared to others. People using the standard windows don’t really need such a drive, but for the enterprise version of windows, that can assist with the entire USB drive. 

4. Diskcryptor

Diskcryptor is well popular as the open-source and can be used as a substitute for BitLocker in case your windows don’t have BitLocker. Diskcryptor is surely more compatible than BitLocker. You can choose from multiple levels of encryption that are available such as Twofish, serpent, AES, and mixed combinations of the above three. Users are able to protect optimal media such as DVD and CD. Diskcryptor works to encrypt the whole USB drive, and you can click on the encrypt button. Tap for the encryption method and add the password; the in-built system will guide you towards the security of the chosen password. It is easy to select the contents of the drive from the drive list in the interface and tap on the mount. Setting up a diskcryptor is easier than you think it is.

5. Rohos mini drive

To encrypt your data with AES-256, rohos can surely come in handy for you. There are two methods for the encryption of files. You can create encryption of the container file on the flash drive and form different partition where the files can be sorted particularly. Using the second method would surely be helpful in the encryption and do have certain advantages as users are able to delete files in explorer and remove history. You can add a manual password, so whenever you want to access data, it will require a password surely. It is not possible for one to access the main Rohos Mini GUI without a password.

So, these are some of the incredible ways that you can choose to pick for encrypting your data and access without any risk of data breaching. People working on multiple computers can be surely benefitted from securing data on the drive and work effortlessly. 


In conclusion, we can say that it would be helpful for one to choose the prime methods to protect their data using different encryption methods. In addition, people should be choosing the finest methods to encrypt the data in the drive so that they don’t get in the hands of the wrong people. Windows in-built features of protection can be come in handy for standard security, but for high tech security, you can choose to go for third-party security features as well. We hope the details stated above make sense to you in learning better about the protection of USB DRIVE and data within it.


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