Best Site Like Buzzfeed

Best Site Like Buzzfeed

Most of the people in the world are not fond of reading the daily newspaper but they want the non-traditional news on daily basis. For these websites like BuzzFeed provides non-traditional news In a very frequently. There is no agenda and propaganda behind delivering this news. In a source, it is revealed that 90% of the news in the world is regulated by the traditional news but the audience of non-traditional music is also near to it if surveyed on the large basis. Now let’s have a look at the most famous non-traditional news delivering websites like BuzzFeed.

10 Best Site Like Buzzfeed

1. Upworthy


This website Is on a mission to deliver the best relevant news in the market by the platform of social media. It covers most of the stories and content happening in the world right now. This website is known to be the best website which is trustworthy and delivering the content which is impacting in some corners of the world. This website has reached more than 50 million people in the world who read and frequently visit this website. This website covers all the segments of the society from women to children and from businessman to the politician.

2. Reddit


You might have heard about this website because it is most popular among the youngsters keeping in mind that delivers the content and news related to the young entrepreneurs and many celebrities lifestyle. Also, it covers the major aspects of the society which are very much needed to bring a change in the thought of an ordinary man. It is the main philosophy of this website that the website will only deliver those stories which will get most of the votes among its members.

3. Viral Nova

Viral Nova

If we Talk about this website then this website is making an impact by reaching more than a hundred million users per month. Many internet junkies end users along with the consultancy of members provide useful and relevant stories to this newspaper which the content writer and analysts Of this agency positively delivers the news. Many extraordinary and suspicious things are happening on daily basis, and this website interestingly delivers them.

4. Cracked


If you don’t love any sports news or political news which is delivered in a direct way to the user and you are wanting something which is delivered humorously, then this website is sure of your time. You will get the news which is delivered humorously by mixing various facts and stories which will make your day more interesting and develop your thought to the next level. If we talk about the most popular website in the world, then this website holds the position of more than 300 million viewers page in a month.

5. Gawker


Most of the people in the world are just keeping their mind in the gossips and stories of many Celebrities. They just want to know how their lifestyles and ups and downs are going. They just want to read and admire the backstories the celebrities. This website is exactly delivering what these people need. There are several posts on daily basis related to their daily lifestyle and gossips of the celebrities. This website makes up certain news received from various sources and then deliver it in a garnished way to the users.

6. Digg


The main aim of this website is to Digg as much as possible non-traditional news from the market and deliver it to the users in a rocking way. It doesn’t matter to this website that what kind of news is coming from the market. It just puts its sources and members to the research and then after confirming the news, it delivers the most significant and undercover news In the market to the users. Most of the people think that this website is quite similar to the content of the Reddit website. But the rumours and theories are there to divert their subscribers.

7. io9


This is the most significant and influencing website on the internet which is delivering some real context. This website is mostly dedicated to the News which shows the entertaining side of the science and In this way, it shows a great relation between science and Fiction to the users. It covers most of the useful and relevant inventions that are taking place in society and their impact on human habitation and their lifestyle.  This website is also regulated by the Gawker website which means you can also submit your blogs and stories to them.

8. BoingBoing


If you don’t want to read many big stories and long covers over there are certain topics end titles, then you can go to this website to read short articles. This website has the team of its editors which also reviews the stories and content which are submitted by its readers. So this is the best thing about this website that it delivers that kind of news which its users want to read. In this way, this website becomes the most connected platform to its users.

9. Fark


This website is more of a kind of a community where its readers and users share the link of the stories so the website domain ends the editors and members of this website reviews the link and then feature the most relevant news on the website. In this way, the users get a platform to share their links which they like and this is how many users And subscribers of the website get to read each other’s interest. It is believed that this website shares the most controversial news from the market and delivers to its community members. This is the reason why this website gets a lot of traction among its users, readers, subscribers and members.

10. PlayBuz


This website shared most viral news from the world which is taken from the Facebook platform and this is how it manages to deliver the most viewed news or content from another platform to its platform. This website creates a lot of engagement and traffic by delivering viral news like BuzzFeed. This website is also delivering a quiz platform on Facebook among its readers. You might have seen many times about its quizzes like ‘ what will you be in future’. It is not possible that if you are an active member of Facebook and you have not seen this website.


All the above-mentioned website delivers the best content and stories which are making an impact in the society and developing the thought process and intellectual level of the people. This website allows its users to read share and participate in its platform. All the above-mentioned websites are making an impact in the world By delivering the news.  


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