Photography is the best way that helps people to share their perceptions with others. It is a phenomenal and extraordinary way of sharing your memories with the world at large. This skill is one among the most special and cherished skills in every layman’s life. There can be some people who are professionals. On the other hand, there might be some people who simply love taking pictures. However, irrespective of the qualification which a person holds, everyone desires perfection and clarity in the visualization of the pictures. For this, every person be it a layman or a professional, wants to rely on software that provides impressive features and enables them to view high definition pictures.

Therefore, it becomes essential to narrow down upon the software which caters to the needs of the users. This blog will help the folks to discover some of the best picture viewing applications for Windows 10. Selecting the right software will enrich the experience of viewing images

1. IrfanView

This is one among the most popular photo viewing software. This is a very compact software. This is the sole reason for its speed. The software is easy to run for beginners. It is also loaded with multiple features, thereby enabling the professionals to access diverse editing features. It offers different ways to edit images. The users can crop, copy, combine, and adjust the color combinations of the images with simple commands.

2. File Viewer Plus 3

This program is famous for offering a catena of photo formats. It is loaded with many features. It is supportive of many file formats. It is enabled to edit and view over 300 file formats. It also lets its users access their word files, excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations. Despite being burdened with so many exciting features, this program is successful in offering its users a decent speed.

3.123 Photo Viewer

This tool is a perfect choice for beginners. It is known for its user-friendly interface. It is compatible with formats like GIF, PNG, etc. It simplifies the editing and formatting of the pictures by offering flexible adjustments. The images can be magnified smoothly. This software provides navigation tools that are easy to operate. This enables the users to jump from one image to another with a mouse click. It even supports animation.

4. Nexus Image Viewer

Nexus Image viewer tops the list of the software programs which are known for providing a sharp and crisp display to the desktop. The program is easily available on the web for free. There are no nuances in its usage, and it is extremely easy to operate. It enables the users to view, edit, and format the images.  

5. Phototheca

This software comes loaded with many versatile features like formatting and editing. It supports approximately every type of file format. It is even helpful in enhancing the quality of the images. This software even allows its users to use automatic face recognition features. Furthermore, it also helps the users in managing innumerable pictures stored on the desktop by sorting them according to date or size automatically.

6. FastStone Image Viewer

This software is extremely quick in responding despite being loaded with a catena of features. It supports countless file formats, thereby providing easy access. It comes with many novel elements like video-making, curating an album, adding transitional effects, and running slideshows. Users can add graphics, adjust brightness and colors.

7. Honeyview

This is amongst those software applications which provide an extremely handy interface. It comes with many exciting features and supports numerous formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. It provides access to the GPS and allows the users to locate themselves on Google Maps with a single click. This software is compact and easily available on the web.

 8. Wildbit Viewer

This software provides users with an eye-catchy interface. It is a compact software and supports formats like JPEG, IPTC, and TIFF. It enables users to view images using transitions and slideshows. It offers more than 176 transition effects. It also allows users to compare multiple images side by side. It provides an effective management system wherein the users can shuffle their pictures under various heads.

9. XnView

The Image Viewer is bestowed with features like color adjusting, metadata editing, generating copies, resizing images, and converting them into various file formats like PNG, TIFF, GIF, PSD, OpenEXR. It provides quick access to the images stored on the desktop. XnView even consists of additional tools like XnConvert and XnResize. While the former helps to convert and filter the images, the latter helps to resize multiple images at the same time.

10. Freshview

It is one of the most downloaded multimedia software. It is available on the web for easy download. This software is particularly known for its easy file management. It supports all kinds of files, be it audio, video, and graphical presentations. It comes with multiple modes to view the images. However, it is restricted to support only AVI and MPEG formats.

11. Apowersoft

Apowersoft is known for its fast, light, and smooth interface. It is a bundle of powerful functions. It allows the desktops, even with low configurations, to view images with ease. Apart from supporting the basic formats like PNG, BMP, and TIFF. It is also supportive of formats like CDR, RAW, and PSD.  It is even capable of accessing PDF files.

12. Photo Mechanic

This is the most export friendly multimedia application Users can easily view, edit, and manage their pictures. It also allows comparing multiple images and searching files with the assistance of keywords. It is also enabled to add GPS tags to the images automatically. This software is so easy to access. Also, besides it lets the users synchronize images from multiple cameras.

13. FastPictureViewer Pro

This software helps to view the images in nanoseconds irrespective of their number. It is considered as the best companion of other digital software applications like Adobe. It allows efficient color management and access to RGB histogram for adjusting the color combination. It enables easy instant zooming with any pixel damage. It can be easily operated by the users with the default key combinations.

14. Xlideit Image Viewer

This program is customized to fulfill the needs of the users. It provides a flexible interface, thereby making editing and viewing a cake’s walk for the beginners. It comprises various tools like animation, slide shows, color, and shadow adjustment, resizing, duplication, and rotation. It is easily available on the web. It opens with a full-screen mode by default. It even supports many keyboard shortcuts.

15. Image Glass

This software is extensively versatile since it supports around 70 formats. It is famous amongst its users for its diverse features. It provides access to around 7-8 zoom modes. It provides uncountable themes that can be easily customized. This software is even bestowed with an easy-to-use interface. This enables the users to quickly view and edit the pictures. It is open-source software and can be easily downloaded from the web for free.

16. Focus on Image Viewer

It is one of the most light-weight software available on the web. It allows the users to quickly view and edit the pictures. It has an AI-driven management interface that helps the users to organize and sort the images as per date and size. It is supportive of over 100 formats. This software has in-built integration with various social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. The functions like rotate and resize can be effectively used without misconfiguring the original image.

17. Nomacs

It is an accessible platform for viewing file formats like RAW and PSD. It is easily available on the web for free. It is programmed to transfer the images from one operating system to another. It is perfectly suitable for operating systems like Linux and Windows 10. This is the finest software to operate smoothly over MAC OS. The software is extremely user-friendly and comes with many features like animation, slideshows, brightness, and color adjustment.


This is an exhaustive list of the image viewers which are easily accessible and also promise a friendly user interface. They are helpful not only for the professionals but also for the beginners. These image viewers are easily available on the web for free. This information is expected to be useful to the folks for selecting software as per their needs. This will ultimately enrich the photography experience of the viewers at last.


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