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In order to submit guest post email us at is an ideal platform where we assist startup founders, investors, techies, and early adopters in going through the captivating and factual content covering advancement technology, tech startups news, an innovation that can satisfy your curious mind.

It is great for tech lovers who are into writing or tech bloggers to write for us. Nevertheless, we are accepting several guest posts as well as articles from contributing writers and freelancers that write informative content in a fun approach for keeping the conversation light-hearted.

What type of article do we accept?

We would love to see your exploration into the technology, apps, mobiles, apps, gadgets, marketing, business, technology news & updates and digital trends, reviews & ratings as well as digital trends.


In the advanced technology you can write aboutInternet of things, artificial intelligence & machine learning

Blockchain, cybersecurity & ethical hacking, cryptocurrency

Smart home automation, security systems, automation & robotic process automation (RPA)

Strategies, guides, tips, tactics, tricks, trends, and more

Big data, cloud computing & DevOps

Business intelligence, data analytics

VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and mixed reality


  • Mobile app development
  • Native apps, hybrid apps, web apps
  • App reviews
  • Strategies, trends, guides, tips, tricks, tactics, and more
  • Iphone apps, iPad apps, and android apps
  • App development companies


  • Mobile reviews & product reviews
  • Software and networking
  • Hdtvs, gaming, desktop, printers, and monitors
  • Security, servers, routers, projectors, and scanners
  • Health & fitness & wearable tech
  • Ebook readers, headphones, and speakers
  • Mobile, cameras & tablets
  • Tips, guides, tactics, tricks, trends, and more

Digital marketing

  • Search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and online marketing
  • SEO, SEO tools, mobile marketing, digital marketing, and retail marketing case studies
  • Blogging tips, blog marketing, blogging tools, and link building
  • Web technologies ( javascript, react JS & jquery, HTML, etc.)
  • Bing ads, Google Adwords, and social ads
  • Strategies, guides, tactics, tips, trends, tricks, and more

Thus, these are some of the categories that you can cover in the blog or guest post that you want to submit on for it to get published. However, if the quality is at par, it would be reviewed by editors, and if it passes, then your guest post would be published, so you need to aware of this fact.

Guidelines for the guest post

  1. Content has to original and unique to feed the curiosity and inquisitiveness of techies.
  2. The content you are submitting into guest posts has to be relatable and easy to comprehend, so consider sticking to a simple and effective approach.
  3. Guest post or article that you submit has to be error-free, and no grammatical mistakes, formatting, or petty errors should be made.
  4. Bloggers must write content that is informative and rather than writing something promotional; instead, content needs to be relatable and truthful review to guide readers better.
  5. Add factual information, examples as well as practical tips in the content for improving the article structure and making it look impressive.

Perks of guest posting

You might get discouraged thinking, what if your article isn’t published, and what’s about efforts? Well, if you follow up all the guidelines and write plagiarism free content that is informative and fun to read, it would be surely published. Additionally, if you establish yourself as a guest post writer, you can surely enjoy multiple benefits from you. Let us look at some of the significant ones below-

Exposure to traffic

It wouldn’t be a big thing if you are able to write for someone else or for your own blog; what matters the most is the quality of your content and your name. The top-quality post attracts the most traffic, and it will become the lifeblood of the business or blog you are writing about. A good guest post can a great way to drive good sales.

Expansion of network

connecting with websites that are doing great can turn out to be a great way to grow professionally. The process of guest blogging is simpler than you think for both parties. All you need to do is look for the right websites that ask your writing in your preferred niches. With the right opportunities, you will be able to write what you like and get paid accordingly. Expansion of the network will open doors to big opportunities certainly.

Increase in social media followers

when you post top-quality content that is reliable and convenient, it will surely attract the attention of users. It will be easier for you to gain a good amount of social media followers through your work. Well reputed websites would give you credits, and that will be helpful in improving your exposure among readers.

Provides constructive feedback

It is essential to get you reviewed for improving the quality. By engaging in guest post/blogging, you’ll be able to attain maximum benefit as you can get constructive feedback, which will aid in making better changes and writing high-quality content surely. You can adjust strategies of writing and learn which writing is more appreciated to write accordingly.

Hence, these are some of the great benefits that bloggers can attain by contributing to websites with the guest post.

What type of article do we accept?

It would be great to contribute to with your writing and experiences with tech; however, it is important to follow up on necessary guidelines and take a look into what kind of article we prefer. To submit a guest post or article, choose a tech topic that you are familiar with. The content you write has to be 100% reliable and informative for the readers, and an unbiased perspective should be delivered without stressing your personal opinion within it.

The quality of content, formatting, no grammatical errors, plagiarism-free content, and other petty aspects need to be checked so that time is not wasted, neither of yours nor ours. Articles need to have a good length so that readers can get all info in one place.

Thus, when you are willing to submit a guest post, make sure you take care of all the above-mentioned details to get your work published.

How to submit a guest post on

If you are willing to submit a guest post on, we would love your contribution to tech. To pitch, you can contact us at and perform simple steps to submit a guest post.

  • Mention subject: guest posting or advertising
  • Highlight topic ideas
  • Link to your previous work

Once you complete all these essential details, you can reach us on our official website as well. If your writing qualifies, our editors will surely get back to you.

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